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HAVING spent our first 30 years focused on travel, Saga

launched Saga Magazine and developed home and motor

insurance and financial services in the 1980s. Private medical

and pet insurance followed in the 1990s, along with the launch

of our own cruise ship operation.

  Since then, we have expanded our travel offering to include

Titan escorted tours in the late 2000s and more recently

Destinology, which specialises in four and five-star holidays.

The strength of the Saga brand provides the Group with the

potential to expand into other business areas as opportunities

present themselves and customer needs change.

  Saga exists to help our customers lead the life they want to

lead. In order to succeed in this, we know that the most

important thing to do is to listen to our customers. By doing this

we can truly understand them and provide the services they need to live the lives they want to live.

  This simple approach over the past 65 years has enabled us to become the UK's leading provider of products and services to people aged over 50 in the UK. The Saga brand has become one of the most recognised and trusted brands amongst UK consumers in this demographic and is recognised for its high quality, award winning products and services. These include cruises and holidays, insurance, personal finance and the Saga Magazine.

  Saga is the UK’s leading provider of insurance, travel, personal finance and healthcare products and services tailored to the needs of the over 50s. The over 50s are the fastest growing demographic in the UK. In 2013 there were 22.8m over 50s1, a number that is forecast to grow by 27.6% to approximately 29.1m by 20331, meaning they will represent 40% of the UK’s population1. The 65-75 and 75+ segments are predicted to increase at an even greater rate over the same period, by approximately 34% and 70% respectively.

  We work constantly to understand and cater for this group and provide products and services across multiple categories including insurance, travel, personal finance and publishing.

  Saga operates across multiple sectors, but we have modest market shares in all of our sectors and compete with multiple providers. Whilst we have a strong position and are growing customer numbers, we do not have a monopoly when it comes to the UK’s over 50s, whose substantial buying power is attractive to all market participants.

  Saga however does have the advantage of only focusing on serving the needs of the over 50s, allowing us to differentiate our offering from competitors who need to provide products and services that work for customers of all ages.

  This, in combination with our focus on growth across the Group, means we are in a strong position to leverage our model to continue to grow profitably our market share throughout all our operating divisions, and capitalise on the new opportunities we identify.

  Our strategy has been developed to deliver long-term shareholder value through growth in the core businesses and capitalising on the long-term value identified in our new business opportunities.

  This strategy is driven by our growing understanding of our customers which provided us with a unique opportunity to use our rich proprietary data to interact with them more efficiently to better understand what they want, and to deliver it right across the business. We are also able to identify customers who are more likely to have an affinity with the brand over time, and to use our marketing resources more effectively by targeting and rewarding those customers who are, or have the propensity to be a higher-affinity customer (‘HAC’).

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From travel to pets, Saga has all the answers