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NFOP - putting the emphasis on benefits

THE National Federation of Occupational Pensioners has its origins in the 1930s as the National Federation of Post Office Veterans. It was formed in response to the then Labour government plans to reduce GPO pensions. Since then it has changed name to reflect the changes in its membership and focus.


  The organisation had primarily been a campaigning organisation raising issues at government level on matters affecting pensioners including changes to legislation, pensioner rights and benefits, and a wide range of other topics.


  In recent years the emphasis has changed. Our main focus is the support of our members with benefits and services, but continuing to maintain links with government departments and politicians on all sides to ensure that they are aware of the concerns of members and the affect their policies have on them.


  NFOP also works closely with other pensioner organisations to create a united voice on key topics.


  The main method of communication with our members is via our Magazine providing news, reviews, letters page, competitions, new services and articles. As new opportunities have emerged, communication has been enhanced by the addition of a website and e-newsletter.  Over the years, and in response to members’ needs, NFOP has developed a number of helplines and services.


Legal helpline.

Will writing service.

Accident Aftercare Service.

Enhanced tax advice services.

Financial advice.

Benefits entitlement advice.

Computer offers and IT help.

NFOP Travel Club for hotel, holiday and travel insurance deals.

Eligibility for Costco membership.


There is a misconception that those who have a pension in addition to the state pension are automatically well-off. This is not the case and NFOP has a separate registered charity, The NFOP Welfare Fund, which can provide members with financial assistance in a crisis.


For further information call 01582 721652 or go to www.nfop.org.uk