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Counterfeit lipstick could cause damage to your unborn baby

A WARNING has been issued over fake lipstick after a court heard that the level of lead in counterfeit products can cause severe health problems. 
Paul Lamerton sold fake lipsticks on eBay and Facebook with 300 times the legal level of lead and  magistrates were told that if used regularly the cosmetic could result in high blood pressure, cardiac, reproductive and neurological problems.
It could also cause possible neurological damage to unborn babies if used by pregnant women. The products were sent for testing and the fake lipsticks found to contain dangerously high levels of lead.
The worst was a fake MAC lipstick called Lady Danger that contained 3702mg/kg of lead – the permitted limit is 10mg/kg. Other fakes of Russian Red and Diva MAC lipsticks also had illegal albeit lower levels of lead.

Fake MAC lipstick

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