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Cops swoop to halt Costa property scam

 News in brief

THE National Police have arrested two alleged fraudsters specialised in taking

advantage of property owners through a “rip deal” scam on the Costa del Sol.

  Two young men, aged 22 and 24, of Croatian nationality have been arrested for

their alleged involvement in the scams.

  A ‘rip deal’ is a type of real estate scam during which: “fraudsters pass themselve

s off as investors interested in buying the property.The scam involves the “exchange

of notes, generally, of 500 euros” in the

purchase of property when, in reality they are photocopies of 500 euros,” according

to a National Police press statement.

  The scam operation involved the use of 13,000 euros in genuine cash coupled

with a briefcase containing 145,000 euros in fake notes, each note replicating a

500 euro bill. The pair allegedly also used other specialised tools to commit the

‘rip deal’ scams on the Costa del Sol.

  The National Police began their investigation after a concerned citizen contacted them regarding a potential scam occurring in Malaga. The citizen claimed that he had listed a property online and was contacted by a suspicious party.

  The interested party reportedly raised various excuses about a banking issue not allowing them to transfer the funds in an orthodox way.They requested instead an exchange of euro notes in a restaurant, offering a percentage of profit for the cash exchange. At this point, the concerned citizen contacted the police and decided to go ahead with the meeting with the police standing by.

  The exchange meeting allegedly took place in the specified restaurant in the centre of Malaga city and the National Police set up a security device surrounding the proposed meeting location in order to monitor potential criminal activity related to the suspicious party.

  The officers noted during their surveillance that one of the alleged scammers offered to enter a hotel room or nearby vehicle where an associate would present the money. The National police decided this was the moment to break their cover and intervened to inspect the ‘associate’s’ vehicle.

  Police claim they discovered all the necessary tools to pull off a ‘rip deal’, a small bundle of genuine notes as well as ‘approximately 14’ bundles of false ‘photocopied’ 500 euro notes, wrapped between genuine notes at either end.

  Police seized a total of 291 false notes which replicated 500 euro bills, totalling 145,000 euros in false money and 13,000 euros worth of genuine notes. The two alleged scammers were arrested have been remanded in custody to await trial.



50,000 elderly people are targeted

FRAUDSTERS scammed nearly 49,000 older people across the United Kingdom in the past year, equivalent to almost six reports every hour, a recent BBC investigation has found.

£2m worth of fake drugs are seized

THE UK Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has seized more than one million doses of fake medicines with a combined worth of nearly £2m along with fake medical devices.

Grenfell fraudster is jailed for four years

Abdelkarim Rekaya, 28, of Lots Road, Chelsea, has been jailed for four years and six months at Isleworth Crown Court for a fraud relating to the Grenfell Tower fire disaster.

Stalkers may be fitted with GPS tags

STALKERS could be fitted with GPS tags. Scotland Yard is launching an anti-stalking unit to tackle the growing number of reported incidents.

GPS tag

Sex trickster sent to prison for 15 years

A MAN who tricked four men into sexual activity in the mistaken belief that he was a female has been jailed for 15 years. Duarte Xavier of Wandsworth, was convicted at Kingston Crown Court.

More New Year patrols in Brightlingsea

EXTRA officers will be on patrol in Brightlingsea until the New Year as part of a pilot to tackle anti-social behaviour funded by Brightlingsea Town Council and Tendring District Council.


Police uncover a huge cannabis factory

A cannabis factory with a crop potentially worth around £95,000 and dangerous butane gas canisters used to make cannabis oil have been discovered at an address in Potters Bar.

Sex beast jailed Extra-Patrols-in-Brightlingsea.jpeg Grenfell fraudster

Police annual drink and drugs blitz

KENT Police have just started their annual drink-drive campaign warning drivers not to drink while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Drink drive Cannabis Malaga copy