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THE Anglia National Pensioners Convention is one of 18 regional organisations which form the NPC. Our region covers the above counties, providing a campaigning organisation for Pensioners with in this area.
Our priority is to campaign for and defend existing Pensioners benefits/ allowances & rights. These include (Winter Fuel allowance State Pension etc.).
We provide regular updates for our members via e-mail and post and this enables them to keep up to date with all pensioner’s issues.
We also have our own website this is aan dditional source of information, along with our quarterly meetings around the region.
If you are interested in joining our campaigning group for pensioners, the annual membership costs £5-00. We will be pleased to hear from you. Please contact Regional Secretary Frank Lucking details on 01245 466681 or 07584 284204

Anglia Region
356 London Road South, Lowestoft NR33 0BQ
Tel: 01502 563208 e.mail

Elected officers
Regional secretary
Mr.F.Lucking, 6 Little Tweed, Chelmsford, Essex CM2 6SH
Tele 01245 466681 e.mail:

Vice chairpersons
Mr. T. Constable and Mrs .B. Constable

Treasurer: Mr.S.Sirdar

Auditors: Mr.S. Smith & Mr.S.Todd

Committee: Mrs.J. Brooks, Mrs.S.Thomas, Mrs.E.Millington Smith, Mrs.L.Willins,
Mr.B.McGee Mr.C.Gale, Mr.S.Todd Mr.J.Webb

Press officer: Mr.T. Constable

E.C. Member: Mr.F.Lucking

National Council
Mr. F. Lucking
Mr.C. Brooks.

Executive Committee meetings to be held at the Denny Centre, Diss, at 10.30, and are on August 7 and November 6. Quarterly Regional Meetings will be held at the Connaught Hall, Attleborough, on September 11 at 10.30, and at Stanton Village Hall on December 11 at 10.30 (this is subject to change).

Contact details
Regional Secretary - Frank Lucking Tel: 01245 466681

Chairman - Chris Brooks Tel: 01502 563208

Treasurer - Sam Sirdar Tel: 01603 413581