About Us

Who Can You Trust is a not-for-profit community interest company set up with the sole aim of alerting and advising people in the 55+ age group about the need to be on their guard against internet scammers, doorstep rogues, fake lotteries, ATM fraudsters, rogue builders, dating tricksters and cheque overpayment fraud.

But we will also be looking at other cowboy tradesmen like loan sharks,. like gas engineers (don’t forget Corgi no longer exists), like counterfeiters. Anyone who is out to rip off ther elderly will come under scrutiny/

Everyday emails are being sent to millions of people across the world by unscrupulous teams of fraudsters who have one intention – to get their hands on your life savings.

They choose elderly people because they are seen to be more vulnerable and trusting, but those who become too trusting are often the one’s who suddenly find themselves paying out thousands because they have been promised millions. It never happens.

These confidence tricksters are clever and work in all different disguises on the internet. They might even knock at your door claiming to represent a bone fide company or organsiation, but they are evil and have no morals. Once you engage them you have become a victim.

We have uncovered many stories of people who have been fleeced of thousands (one dear old lady gave away £50,000) and despite warnings from the police, from Trading Standards and from Government agencies, people are still falling for these scams.

We hope that by reading the many stories and warnings on our site, elderly residents will in future think twice about sending money to someone they don’t even know or be on their guard when dealing with telephone calls from strangers who claim to be their friend.

We also hope that if you want to hire the services of a professional tradesman, you will use those on the register of Essex Trading Standards because they have all been closely vetted so you can use them knowing they are dependable and will not rip you off.