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Take more care or your car will be stolen

 News in brief

CAR thefts continue to rise nationwide, but sometimes it is easy to see

why as South Woodford neighbourhood watch ward officer Graham

Farrance discovered. He is advising residents to be more security

conscious after discovering some alarming reasons why vehicles get

stolen or broken into.

 On a recent patrol along roads in his ward, Graham found vehicles left

unlocked and others with valuable items such as laptops left on display

and one had a pile of loose change clearly visible in the centre console

. ...an open invitation to thieves.

 Probably the worst of all was a car left unattended with the engine

unning. Not only is this begging a thief to take it, it is an offence. 

  Last year one of the residents was unloading shopping from her

vehicle. Between trips from the boot to the house, her vehicle was taken.

 Graham said they have spoken to the owners of the

above.He appreciates that the frosts are causing a few problems when they start out in the morning but please allow time to defrost your vehicle whilst in attendance.

  Your vehicle security may be factory fitted and state of the art, but as with most things electrical, this security is commonly and easily breached. Use additional methods such as steering wheel locks, gear lever locks, separate immobilisers, trackers, faraday pouches (fobs), anti-tamper number plate screws etc. If you have a garage why not use it and do not leave car keys hanging in halls, in sight of your main entrance.

  For those of you parking on the driveway, why not employ the use of one of the cctv doorbells. The cctv will remain live and warn you if someone were to approach your vehicle without the necessity for them to ring the bell. These send live video feed directly to yours, or/and family mobiles.

  Love them or hate them, social media sites have become a highway of intelligence for criminals, not only can they look for areas to trip us up, they can even find devices and apps on here that are readily available to demonstrate various car crimes. Please remain one step ahead.

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Crooks target 50,000 old people

FRAUDSTERS scammed nearly 49,000 older people across the UK in the past year, equivalent to almost six reports every hour, a BBC investigation has found.

£2m worth of fake drugs seized

THE UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has seized more than one million doses of fake medicines with a combined worth of nearly £2m along with fake medical devices.

Khan's £10m to fight crime

SADIQ Khan has announced £10m of funding for crime prevention projects that tackle child sexual exploitation, female offending and youth offending in the capital.

Sadiq Khan

GPS tags for stalkers?

STALKERS could be fitted with GPS tags which will send a warning to nearby victims. Scotland Yard is launching an anti-stalking unit in a bid to tackle the growing number of reported incidents.

GPS tag

Jail for a sex trickster

A MAN who tricked four men into sexual activity in the mistaken belief that he was a female has been jailed for 15 years. Duarte Xavier of Wandsworth, was convicted at Kingston Crown Court.

Sex beast jailed

More patrols in Brightlingsea

EXTRA officers will be on patrol in Brightlingsea until the New Year as part of a pilot to tackle anti-social behaviour funded by Brightlingsea Town Council and Tendring District Council.