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Smokers facing fire death risks

FOR the first time ever the London Fire Brigade telling smokers to quit, or risk dying in a fire.

The stark warning comes as they release new London figures showing that a comparison between 2014/15 and 2015/16 highlighted a 25 per cent increase in smoking related fires and a 55 per cent increase in the number of people who died in those fires.
Smoking continues to be the largest cause of fatal fires and the third largest cause of accidental fires in the home.
Around four fires a day are linked to smoking, with around three people a week being injured. In London alone, on average at least one person every month is killed by a smoking related fire.
The Brigade’s figures show that in London:
Last year there were 1359 smoking related fires, with 134 people being injured and 17 people killed by fire.
Ten people have been killed by fire in the capital so far this year as a result of the unsafe handling or careless disposal of smoking materials.
Almost a quarter of all smoking related fires in the home start in the bedroom, making it the most likely place for a smoking fire to start in the home.
Three per cent of smoking related fires start in the toilet or bathroom.
Four times as many people smoke as they do vape(opens in a new window), but there are 255 times more smoking related fires, meaning vaping is a far safer option in terms of preventing fires.
Dave Brown, the London Fire Brigade’s Director of Operations, said: “In the past we’ve shied away from telling people not to smoke, but the statistics speak for themselves so we’re joining health bosses in urging people to quit. The health impact of smoking is well documented, but many people don’t realise that smoking is the largest cause of fatal fires.
“Amongst the biggest mistakes people make is falling asleep with lit cigarettes, or they fail to dispose of cigarettes or matches properly, which can smoulder and cause fires.
“Ten people have died in fires in London caused by unsafe smoking this year, but you can easily take simple steps to ensure you don’t become another fire death statistic.”

Tesco customers in card fraud fears

LGA demands danger dryers recall

Beware bogus court appearance summons

Old Bailey

FRAUDSTERS are sending out a wave of scam emails purporting to be from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) that claim you have to appear in court.
The CPS have received several reports from concerned members of the public who have received the email entitled “You’ve been witness summoned to court”.
The email entices people to click on a link to view their start time/case details. This link is likely to lead to malware.
This email has no connection to the CPS and anyone receiving the email should not download any attachments or click any links and report it to us.
The CPS is aware and has said that they “never email witnesses in order to summons them to court”.
In August 2016, there were a total of 14,883 phishing reports submitted to us, which is an increase of nearly 135% compared to August 2015. Follow our advice to avoid falling victim.
To report a fraud and cyber crime and receive a police crime reference number, call us on 0300 123 2040 or use our online fraud reporting tool.

Be alert hunting for online bargains

BARGAIN hunters could be unwittingly handing over their personal details to criminal gangs if they sign up for online discount vouchers.
Police have warned shoppers about a spate of fraudulent vouchers which have been circulating on Facebook. It comes after Aldi issued their own warning about vouchers offering 40% off at their stories, which turned out to be false.
Members of the public could be unknowingly giving their personal details to criminal gangs when they sign up to websites offering the bargains.
Now police have urged social media users to be vigilant at
all times when using devices that can store personal information.
A spokesman said: “The public needs to be on guard against vouchers appearing on their social media newsfeeds claiming to offer incredible savings.
“Criminals are constantly devising more complex and devious methods to unlawfully take your information and your savings – which is why fraudulent offers can often appear official, however if an offer looks too good to be true, it more than likely is."

Tobacco tour

AN Illegal Tobacco Unit has been travelling across Suffolk to raise awareness of the dangers of illegal tobacco.
Members of the public were given the opportunity to see the Illegal Tobacco Unit sniffer dogs in action during the roadshow, demonstrating the skills used to help Trading Standards detect hidden illicit tobacco.
Trading Standards officers were also be on hand to encourage and explain ways of how to spot and report illegal tobacco.
Members of the public were able to talk to the Illegal Tobacco Unit in towns across Suffolk:

Doorstep Callers
THERE have two recent reports of individuals calling at properties in Suffolk, claiming to work for Suffolk County Council.
The first is a trader calling door-to-door in Bury St Edmunds, wearing Hi-vis and an ID badge purporting to have links with the Council.
The trader was offering to provide thermal imaging for cavity wall insulation. Several checks have been carried out and this man is not working on behalf of the Council.
The second individual called at a property in Lowestoft.  In this instance the resident was asked to provide their full name, date of birth and their National Insurance Number.
The caller was a woman and had a badge indicating that she worked for Suffolk County Council.
If you are approached by anyone at your door, please check their ID, do not allow them into your property without making checks, contact the company that they say they work for and do not give them any personal details.
Any concerns about a trader should be reported to us on 03454 040506.

Samsung 7
GALAXY Note 7 owners are being advised to turn off their smartphones following fire safety concerns.
The smartphone was recalled last month and owners were issued replacement phones, however there are still reports of batteries catching fire. As a result Samsung has announced it is ceasing all production of Galaxy Note 7’s.
Customers with the original phone or a replacement should turn off the power immediately and contact the retailer where they purchased the device for a refund or an exchange.
Please visit the Samsung website for guidance and contact information....

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