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Beat the burglars during the dark nights

Don't get caught by this charity clothing scam

THE Fundraising Regulator and Local Government Association have issued a warning to the public to be aware of potentially fraudulent charity clothing collections.  In a joint warning issued yesterday, the Fundraising Regulator and LGA urged “members of the public to do some basic checks to help them tell a genuine charity clothing collection from a potential fraud”.

Alongside the warning, the Fundraising Regulator has also published a checklist for genuine charity collections on its website.  The checklist warns the public to “be wary of donating if the wording on the bag has poor spelling, punctuation or grammar” and to “be cautious if the bag collection is for general charitable causes, such as ‘for local sick children’, instead of a named charity”. 


Nearly half a million firms hit by impersonation fraud

One in twelve respondents have fallen victim to impersonation fraud as nearly half a million SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) in the UK may have been impacted by these scams, according to data released by Lloyds Bank.The research has also found that there has been a 58% rise in this type of crime in the year-to-date. Law firms have been among the sectors most affected with 19%, followed by HR professionals, IT workers and finance companies. However, as the figures are drawn from reported fraud, the true scale of the problem is likely to be much larger.


The Flying Squad celebrates 100 years of success

One of the Met's most renowned and distinguished units - The Flying Squad - are celebrating their 100th anniversary. In 1918, 12 specially chosen Metropolitan Police detectives were called to New Scotland Yard to form what would quickly become one of the most prominent in London. The team's successes in thwarting and catching criminals would later become to be admired across the world. Their successs include the Great Train Robbery in 1963, and the Brinx Mat gold bullion robbery 20 years later. The squad's first Detective Chief Inspector was Frederick Wensley, a highly distinguished police officer who had shown exceptional bravery during the 'Siege of Sidney Street', in which he rescued a colleague from a rooftop under a hail of bullets.

 News in brief

THIS is the time of the year when the autumn nights draw and the tell-tale signs of the empty house become more apparent, especially to the burglar looking foir quick rich pickings.

  Most burglars will prefer to target the empty house unseen and avoid any confrontation so now is the time to start thinking more seriously about home security.

  As the days get shorter if you work away from home, or even pop out to get the children from school by the time you return home it may already be dark. A house in darkness says no one is in especially if your neighbour’s houses either side have lights on and show other signs of being occupied. If you back onto open farmland or have parking areas or footpaths to side or rear this may be even more apparent.

  Create the “Illusion of Occupancy”, when its dark make your home look like you are in. Leave lights on or put them on timers or daylight sensors to come when it gets dark. Remember though no one lives in the hall or on the landing so if you leave these lights on supplement these with lights on in rooms that you would normally occupy at that time of day i.e. lounge and kitchen. A carefully placed imitation televisionj or fake TV can further add to that illusion of occupancy by making it look like the television is on. Some burglars may also listen at windows or letterboxes for sign of activity, so consider leaving a radio on within your home.

  Don’t forget the outside of your property too, if burglars see that it is lit they are less likely to approach for fear of being seen.

Leave lights on, with energy efficient bulbs it costs very little now days and yet may save you lots.Use this checklist to ensure you are adequately secure inside and outside the home:

1. Use a timer switch to turn on lights and a radio to give the impression someone is home

2. Keep valuables and other electronic equipment such as laptops out of sight

3. Security mark valuables with a UV pen and register them with

4. Double lock UPVC doors or use dead locks on solid doors

5. Keep all spare keys, including car keys, away from the front door and out of sight to avoid them being ‘fished’ through the letter box

6. Keep windows locked with the key and keep it out of sight

7. Don’t leave packaging of expensive items purchased on view as an advertisement to thieves