New phone line being set up to help victims of financial fraud

VICTIMS of financial fraud might soon be able to call for help via a new telephone hotline, similar to the 999 emergency service.
Under the plan anyone worried about scammers would be able to dial 555. The idea - which is in its early stages - is being examined by Financial Fraud Action UK, and has backing from the Home Office.
Victims could be transferred immediately to their bank's fraud department or to the Police. The information could also be used to help build up a database of incidents.
In the first half of 2017 there were over 937,000 cases of fraud, many of which involved scammers trying to persuade victims to transfer their money into other accounts.

Border Force officers smash counterfeit Poppy Day racket

SICK conmen have flooded the UK with fake poppy branded
merchandise worth a staggering £150,000. Jewellery, key rings
and scarves were seized by Border Force agents at Tilbury
Docks in Essex.
Officers from the mobile International Trade Team examined
an air freight consignment from China, bound for Manchester,
and upon inspecting the shipment found poppy branded goods
including 1,212 scarves, 5,400 badges and 1,200 key rings.
People wear poppies as a sign of remembrance for those
who lost their lives in conflict. The British Legion describes
the poppy as a “symbol of remembrance and hope”.
Each year the Poppy Appeal raises money for servicemen and women who are still alive but whose lives have been changed by war.
Amongst the consignment, officers also discovered 600 four petal brooches which were later confirmed to infringe the ‘four-petal’ copyright held by the Earl Haig Fund Scotland.


People power pays off as Bexleyheath police station stays open

A PETITION signed by nearly 8,000 residents opposing the closure of Bexleyheath police station was handed in to City Hall and it proved a significant moment because not long after London Mayor Sadiq Khan agreed that the station front desk will remain open after all. He had threatened to close the station as part of a cost-cutting exercise across London and movethe existing services to Sidcup. But MOPAC, the Mayor's office, has announced that as a result of the public pressure from Bexley Council, other local groups and Bexley's local media, the front office will remain open.

Gambling giants 888 are hit with a massive £8million fine

ONLINE gambling giant 888 was hit with a record
£7.8 million penalty after allowing thousands of
customers banned from the site to carry on betting.
Industry watchdog, the Gambling Commission, found
7,000 customers who had tried to “self-exclude” themselves from 888’s websites were able to carry on placing bets on bingo games because of a technical glitch.
Around £3.5 million was wagered in total over 13 months by self-excluded customers and, separately, more than £1 million by one gambler. The firm said it “regrets the historic failings” and had concluded a voluntary settlement with the regulator thereby dodging a formal fine.