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Crimestoppers issues double scam alert


CRIMESTOPPERS has issued a warning this week about two potential scams by people using their name to get money out of innocent residents and businesses.
They have discovered that a group of scammers are falsely using their 0800 555 111 number on telephone displays in a bid to make calls seem genuine. The scammers are calling people, saying they are “Crimestoppers at the Home Office” then asking for personal details.
Crimestoppers are not calling people.
Crimestoppers do not and cannot call people from 0800 555 111.
Crimestoppers would never ask for personal details like this.

What to do if you get a call claiming to be from Crimestoppers:
Never give out your personal information,
Report the incident to Action Fraud.

Scam 2
Better Media Solutions scam
Crimestoppers has been made aware of a scam by a company called Better Media Solutions. You may receive a phone call from someone from this company who claims they are selling advertising space in a crime prevention booklet that Crimestoppers support.

After sending you a "mock-up" of the booklet, they also send you an invoice asking for payment of £595.

The truth about this scam
Crimestoppers do not work with a company called Better Media Solutions.
Crimestoppers do not support or endorse their booklet.
Any use of Crimestoppers imagery in this booklet is unauthorised.

What to do if you are contacted by Better Media Solutions:
Hang up - don't engage in a sales conversation,
Report the incident to Action Fraud.

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Beware of a potential solar panel rip-off

BABERGH and Mid Suffolk District Councils are currently installing solar panels to selected council-owned properties in both districts.
These panels are being installed free of charge and remain in the ownership of each council. The council does not ask for any payments from their tenants for these installations. The installing contractor for the whole project is Campbell & Kennedy Ltd.
If any tenant or resident is approached from any other company purporting to be representing either council, and asking for payments or deposits, please be aware this is not a company endorsed by either council and could in fact be a rogue trader.
These companies need to be reported to Mid Suffolk District Council and Suffolk Trading Standards.

Crooks imposed fake fines on residents

FRAUDSTERS who handed out bogus fines while pretending to be working for trading standards have admitted to their scam and been sentenced .
The men, who are all from south east London, carried out the scam at the end of 2013. Their scam included handing out 'fines' to residents for alleged dumping of hazardous waste. Full story

Michael cops top prize in police photography competition

Police comp winner 1

ESSEX Police received almost 1,000 submissions for their photographic competition from which entries would be used to the Force Control Room.
The entries ranged from scenic images of the county’s coastline and rural landscapes to photographs of monuments and motorways.
The winning photographers visited Essex Police to see their work on display and meet Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh and Crime Commissioner Nick Alston who presented them with a certificate.
The overall winner was Michael Lewis from Canvey. His photograph (above) of the beach at Leigh on Sea at sunset is now on display in the entrance foyer of the Force Control Room to welcome visitors. Michael also received £400 worth of photography vouchers.

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