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Crooked traders and the 'new' mattress scam

CROOKED tradesmen have come up with another scam that could not only make you and your family ill, but it could also cost you your life. With boot sale season upon us, residents should be alert to rogue traders selling bargain mattresses from the back of a lorry.
Because the truth is these are not new mattresses – they are often old, dirty mattresses that have been recovered to give them the appearance of being new.
The scam was uncovered by the National Bed Federation (NBF) who have sent out a nationwide warning to coincide with the launch of their new mark of approval logo to protect consumers.
The NBF believes thousands of so-called ‘bargain mattresses’ are being sold across the country each week. The sales are often straight from the back of vans by rogue traders touring neighbourhoods and looking for opportunist sales. Full story

Fake goods seized

THE BIGGEST ever seizure of counterfeit goods at a United Kingdom market took place at Wellesbourne when police and trading standards officers uncovered £3 million of fake clothing, trainers, DVDs, watches, make up, electrical items and jewellery. A week later trading standards swopped again and this time found £4m of fake goods.

Couple were scammed for £2000 a month

Scam mail

A HUSBAND and wife, both suffering from dementia, were swindled out of £2000 a month for two years by teams of fraudsters operating all over the world.
The couple, from Sidmouth, Devon, were being sent 100 pieces of scam mail every week for bogus prizes, fake medical products, bogus charities and clairvoyants claiming they could help them.
Their daughter, we have called her Gillian to protect the couple’s indentity, spoke up to tell everyone about her two year hell trying to protect her parents
Her parents though were unaware they were being scammed until Gillian stepped in.and now she has spoken out to warn others of the extent to which residents are preyed on by crooks from around the globe. Read the full story inside

Bogus policemen get away with £274,000 in Essex

TAXI drivers in Essex are being urged to be on their guard against being tricked into taking part in a telephone fraud against elderly and vulnerable people.
Thieves posing as police officers or bank officials have tried on 463 occasions since January to trick their victims into revealing their bank account details or to hand over bank cards or large sums of cash.
Seventy-eight people have fallen for the scam since the start of the year and a total of £274,368 has been stolen.
In many of the incidents where cards or cash were collected the thieves booked taxis to take "couriers” to and from the home of victims.
More recently taxi drivers have been used, instead of couriers, to pick up cash or cards.
A taxi driver from Southend became suspicious when he was asked to collect a package from an address in Rayleigh. When he discovered that the resident, an elderly man, had been asked to send £8,000 to a ‘detective chief inspector based in south London’ he called Essex Police and officers were sent to the scene. Enquiries are continuing.
Anyone with information about the thieves or anyone who has been approached by suspected fraudsters should contact the Operation Seaford investigation team on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.


Suspected church robber is caught on CCTV

DO you recognise the man in this CCTV footage who is suspected of a series of thefts from churches in East Essex?
The video clip shows a man stealing items and smashing open a collection box at St Andrew’s Church, Abberton Sunday February 23 shortly before 2pm.
Anyone who can identify the man in the CCTV footage should contact the investigating officer Pc Shaun Hammond on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111. Also call in if you have any information about any church items being offered for sale in suspicious circumstances.
Please click on the below link to view the CCTV footage

HMRC warning

ATTEMPTS to steal the financial details of freelancers and other people who complete tax returns have doubled, record numbers of taxpayers now using self-assessment. HMRC warn people that bous sites are using the HMRC name to try and getb you to give up personal details.

Spanish lottery crook is sent to prison

THE number’s finally up for conman Chris Chidi Dinneya after his bogus lottery scheme was exposed by Canmbridgeshire police.
Dinneya was part of a gang that convinced victims they had won the Spanish lottery including an 81-year-old man local who parted with £300,000 and continued sending cash even after the police began their investigations.
Thanks to good detective work Dinneya, from North London, is now serving three and a half year for money laundering. He was a middleman who used his bank account to shift money across the world.
“This is a very sad case involving many people who have effectively been scammed out of their life savings,” said Detective Constable Sharon Garrett.
His conviction came at the same time as a woman from Keswick admitted to giving away £40,000 to a fake Spanish lottery operator. Be on your guard and make sure it's not your number that's up.

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Cold callers are getting the cold shoulder

VULNERABLE and elderly residents in Whitnash
now have extra protection against rogue traders.
Warwickshire Trading Standards has teamed up
with Warwickshire Police for their
'No Rogue Trader Zone’ initiative, which sees
residents issued with a door or window sticker,
and booklet with information, on how to stay
safe from cowboy traders.
The zones - eight of which have already been
established in Warwickshire - aim to discourage cowboy builders and salespeople from selling poor quality items at inflated prices or using high pressure sales tactics.
The stickers are combined with further street signage, which warns rogue traders they will be reported if they attempt to trade in the area.

No to cold callers

Global computer scam

RESIDENTS in Bolton are being warned not to fall victim to a global computer scam. Gangs have been calling claiming to be staff from the Windows recovery team — but it is an elaborate trick to gain access to personal computers and information. Trading Standards officers at Salford City Council say it is the latest variation in a long-running world-wide scam.