Tree-t these offers with caution or you could lose thousands of pounds

ROGUE tree surgeons have been flooding Essex with what appear to be genuine leaflets offering to prune trees and bushes, but many residents are discovering that they are just a bunch of cowboy operators who have already ripped off elderly householders and the only thing they trim is your bank balance.
Facebook is awash with stories of people who have responded to this leaflet only to find that their bank balances have been severely drained.
One old lady was conned her out of several thousand pounds which included being taken to the bank by the crooks to draw out the cash money and then leaving her there with no way to get home.
So if a leaflet like this drops through your door ignore it because you could discover that you lose far more than a few branches off your tree. Better still, if you need work done get three quotes and, if possible, use someone recommended to you.

Bogus Pandora sites will make your festive presents lose their sparkle

PANDORA jewellery offers buyers class and luxury and you can find one of their stores in virtually every shopping mall across the country. But Christnmas shoppers are being warned they could be ripped off by criminals if they enter details online this season. There has been an alarming rise in the number of fraudulent Pandora websites selling counterfeit goods on the internet. The online pages, which offer up to 70% reductions, are uncannily like the official online jewellery store, however, hand your details over and you could be left hundreds of pounds out of pocket, or at best, with a fake item.
These are some of the online stores confirmed to be fake by Pandora:

Pandora bracelet

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Sex crimes committed by adults in positions of trust have more than doubled across the East of England over the last three years, new figures have revealed.

Police say 308 unwanted or illegally-owned firearms were given to officers during the campaign to stop them falling into the wrong

Essex Police is warning people to be vigilant about a scam where criminals are posing as police officers involved in a fake undercover operation.

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