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Fake 'Disney' clothing is siezed at Stansted

COUNTERFEIT “Disney” children’s clothing and accessories worth more than £10,000 have been seized by Border Force officers at Stansted Airport.
The dresses and bags - which were destined for the streets of the UK - will be destroyed after Disney confirmed they were fake.
Officers discovered 490 dresses and three bags carrying images of the popular Disney ‘Frozen’ film after they arrived in Stansted from China earlier this month.
An investigation was launched by Border Force’s International Trade Team - which specialises in recognising counterfeit products and works with the owners of big brands to establish whether or not goods are genuine.
Disney, as the rights holders, can now decide whether or not they wish to prosecute the importer privately.
James Morgan, Assistant Director in charge of Border Force at Stansted, said: “Everyone loves a bargain, but if the price appears too good to be true – either at a car boot sale, a market stall or online – it probably is.
“The international trade in counterfeit goods is linked to serious and organised crime and undercuts honest traders, damaging our economy.
He added: “We are determined to crack down on this crime and we have officers working 24 hours a day at ports, airports and mail sorting centres identifying counterfeit goods before they reach the streets.
“Members of the public can also help to disrupt this trade by ensuring they only buy from genuine retailers.
Anyone who has been sold counterfeit goods or knows someone who is selling them should contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.

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Fake trainers

Couple in their 80s lose £34,000 savings

A couple in their 80’s have been duped out of £34,000, as Sutton residents fell victim to four bank courier scams in just one month.
The conmen targeted a total of nine male and female victims aged between 65 to 88.
Sutton police have received six reports of the scam in four weeks- two of them were unsuccessful.
The victims received a phonecall telling them someone had tried to fraudulently use their bank card and they need to be issued a new one.
They are then asked their PIN number, before it is arranged for their card to be collected later that day. The conmen then drain money from the victim’s bank account.
Over the last couple of months they have stolen £44,000 from people in Sutton, which has been used to fund a spending spree across major retailers in the Purley Way area.
£34,000 of the amount was stolen from one couple.

Beware carpet cleaning conmen

Carpet cleaning

Widow, 84, was plagued by heartless bogus psychics

THE regulator is warning of the devastating consequences of pension scams and tells of a 40-year-old who took his own life after never receiving a promised £17,000 lump sum from his £42,000 work pension
People saving for their retirement are being warned to beware of cold calls, texts or website offers claiming to help them cash in their pot, as the total known amount paid into pension scams now stands at £495 million.
The Pensions Regulator released accounts of victims of scams, which often involve unsolicited "spam" text messages, transfers overseas and phrases like "legal loophole" or "government endorsement", in order to warn others about the devastating consequences.

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